SCH TPSU(E) Hydraulic Trailer-Mounted Leaf-Collection Unit (Integral Electric Hydraulics)


  • A trailer-mounted leaf vacuum offering hard-to-beat large-area productivity!
  • Designed and built in the UK to exacting standards
  • Shredder reduces leaves to an easily manageable – and quick-composting – mulch
  • Belt drive prevents costly crankshaft damage
  • Collector can be removed and the trailer employed for other tasks
SCH TPSU(E) Hydraulic Trailer-Mounted Leaf-Collection Unit (Integral Electric Hydraulics) £11,184.95
SCH TPSU(E) Hydraulic Trailer-Mounted Leaf-Collection Unit (Integral Electric Hydraulics)
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Fitted to one of SCH’s heavy-duty 760kg (15cwt) trailers, this powerful, tractor- and ATV-towed vacuum will make short work of tough leaf-clearance jobs over the very largest areas!

The SCH TPSU(E) comes with a 20cm-diameter translucent vacuum-hose with a guidance handle for comfortable, controlled operation. Vacuumed leaves sent through an aggressive impellor that reduces them to fine particulates, thereby cutting the number and frequency of breaks to empty the collector.

A belt-type drive means there’s no possibility of overloading and damaging the crankshaft; ball-bearing mounts ensure the wheels will keep on rolling freely with age.

Once you’ve finished leaf clearing, the vacuum unit can be removed, leaving you with a trailer suitable for a variety of haulage applications.

The hydraulics on this configuration of the SCH TPSU are powered from its own integral battery.

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