PDI & Fully Assembled Delivery


Our optional Premium Delivery Service includes:

  • Pre-shipping assembly
  • A full pre-delivery inspection
  • Testing
  • Engine tuning
PDI & Fully Assembled
PDI & Fully Assembled Delivery £100.00
PDI & Fully Assembled
PDI & Fully Assembled Delivery
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PDI & Fully Assembled Delivery

At CompassGM, we’re delighted to be able to offer our ride-on mower customers the chance to benefit from our fantastic Premium Delivery Service!

For just £100 on top of your chosen ride-on’s purchase price, our knowledgeable and experienced team of mechanics and warehouse staff will:

Assemble your ride-on so it arrives at your door ready for immediate action.

– Subject your purchase to a comprehensive pre-delivery inspection, which follows the guidelines laid out by the manufacturer.

– Test every aspect of the machine – controls, transmission, steering, engine, etc. – to ensure everything is working properly.

– Optimise performance, minimise vibration and reduce fuel consumption and emissions by fine-tuning the engine.

– Give your ride-on a thorough clean and polish so that it looks the business when you receive it.

Attach it to its delivery pallet and place a protective cover over it to ensure none of its lustre is lost during transport.

Post-Purchase Support

We understand the importance of post-purchase support, so, between purchase and delivery, we’ll be in touch every step of the way in order to make your customer experience as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Before your new ride-on mower is dispatched, we’ll ring to let you know the shipping schedule for your particular purchase. You’ll then get a call from our shipping company to work out a delivery time that suits your schedule.

Our Commitment

CompassGM’s commitment to our ride-on customers doesn’t stop at the point of delivery – we believe that buying through Compass gives you full access to our years of accumulated expertise, and, with this in mind, we’re confident in saying we offer the best technical support of any garden machinery retailer!


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Shipping Info

Shipping Info

If you’re buying a boxed product, we aim to get your order delivered next working day – UK mainland where possible.

If you’re buying a tractor or ride-on mower – a special order item – it could be slightly longer, as we need to PDI the machine.

We do try and van-deliver these machines if we can, as this gives us a chance to demonstrate the product, and to ensure you’re happy and confident with your purchase.

If we can’t van-deliver your machine, as you’re out of our local delivery area, the tractor will be sent on a pallet via a courage company. They will then contact you directly to book a specific day and time that suits you.