Loncin LC50ZB60-4.5Q 2″ Petrol-Powered High-Lift Water Pump


  • Compact, powerful centrifugal water pump
  • Self-priming for more efficient performance
  • Reliable, durable commercial grade OHV engine for smooth, low emission power
  • Safety frame protects engine and fuel tank and stabilises pump
  • Aluminium body and double-impeller for corrosion resistance and durability
  • Ceramic seals for corrosion resistance and wear
  • Easy recoil start for reliability
Loncin LC50ZB60-4.5Q 2" Petrol-Powered High-Lift Water Pump £660.95
Loncin LC50ZB60-4.5Q 2″ Petrol-Powered High-Lift Water Pump
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Loncin LC50ZB60-4.5Q 2″ Petrol-Powered High-Lift Water Pump

A compact but highly practical high-lift pump, suitable for domestic and light industrial use, the Loncin LC50ZB60-4.5Q is a sturdily constructed and hard-wearing unit, with a powerful and smooth running petrol engine at its heart.

The engine, also made by Loncin who are experts in producing high power, low emission engines, is a 4.1kW, 196cc, G200F OHV, low in vibrations, thrifty in fuel use, quiet and high in performance. It is easy to start and this model comes with recoil cord pull system.

High lift pumps are ideal for moving water from low areas like underground tanks, deep pools, wells and similar and this model has a 2″ inlet and outlet pipe with a maximum lift of around 60 metres, maximum suction of 6 metres and a handy delivery volume of 30,000 litres an hour.

This model is a centrifugal pump, using the force created by a spinning impeller to move the water, and this pump is self-priming, which means air pockets are prevented from affecting the performance, as they can do in a standard centrifugal pump.

The double-impeller in this pump is made from very lightweight and yet super-strong aluminium alloy, corrosion resistant and durable, as is the main body of the pump, ensuring hour after hour of service.

A strong metal frame surrounds the pump and engine, for protection, stabilisation and support and all mechanical sealing is ceramic, for harder-wearing and airtight security.

The engine is protected by a cut-off safety device, and switches itself off if the oil in the tank runs low.

* The actual lift of a water pump = suction lift + discharge lift, and the water pump lift as stated is about 1.15 – 1.20 times of the actual water lifting height; so with a 60m lift pump you are looking at an actual lifting height of approximately 53m.

SAFETY WARNING: Never operate or activate this water pump in an enclosed or partly enclosed space, and always make sure there is adequate ventilation around the pump before operating.

Click here for four-stroke engine oil.

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Engine Capacity


Engine Power


Maximum Flow Rate


Maximum Head


Delivery Diameter


Suction Diameter



46 x 41.4 x 52cm


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