Greenworks G40TL 40v Cordless Mini-Tiller (Machine Only)


  • A powerful battery-driven tiller that will do all the hard work for you!
  • Perfect for weeding, aerating and turning over less substantial plots
  • No petrol engine – no fumes and no hassle
  • No trailing mains cable to get tangled around your feet
  • Smooth running and quiet in operation
  • Adjustable working depth and working height – flexible in use
  • Large transport wheels – easy to move to and from the shed
  • Strong and durable metal tines
  • Comfort-grip sleeve on the handlebar
  • Battery charge available separately and compatible across Greenworks’ 40v line
Greenworks G40TL
Greenworks G40TL 40v Cordless Mini-Tiller (Machine Only) £308.95
Greenworks G40TL
Greenworks G40TL 40v Cordless Mini-Tiller (Machine Only)
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Greenworks G40TL 40v Cordless Mini-Tiller

Petrol prices continue to rise, but you can avoid the fuss, fumes and financial pain of petrol and still get your earth turned over with this literally groundbreaking 40v cordless tiller from Greenworks – industry leaders in lithium-ion battery technology!

Greenworks’ batteries are truly revolutionary: powerful, lightweight, fast charging and long running, with two-thirds longer life than nickel-cadmium batteries, and no loss of power when stored. This means they can drive your garden tools with no emissions, reduced vibrations and less noise, but with all the power you’ll need to get the job done.

Ideal for a small plot, allotment, vegetable patch or kitchen garden, the simple but effective Greenworks G40TL 40v Cordless Mini-Tiller runs for up to 37 minutes on a single charge of the available 2Ah battery (74 minutes with the 4Ah cell).

An adjustable tilling width (21-26cm) means you can adapt to the nature of the task, and to the dimensions of the area you’re working; an adjustable working depth makes it possible to tackle everything from gentle surface weeding, through to heavier-duty bed preparation.

Activation is simple, with the easy-start button removing the stress and frustration that so often accompanies the pull-type recoil ignition systems found on petrol machines.

A machine weight of just 13kg makes it easy to handle and transport; two large 15cm guide wheels facilitate low-effort shed-to-plot movement.

The Greenworks G40TL 40v Cordless Mini-Tiller boasts a foldable handlebar for convenient transport and storage, and has been equipped with a soft grip for long hours of comfortable cultivation.

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Shipping Info

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