Agri-Fab SmartLINK™ Tow-Behind Lawn Care System – Master Platform | 45-0473


  • The master platform for Agri-Fab’s SmartLINK‚Ñ¢ lawn-care system
Agri-Fab SmartLINK™ Tow-Behind Lawn Care System - Master Platform | 45-0473 £379.00
Agri-Fab SmartLINK™ Tow-Behind Lawn Care System – Master Platform | 45-0473
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The SmartLINK™ Lawn Care System will save you valuable space in your shed or garage and costs less than buying each of the attachments separately. With the Agri-Fab SmartLINK™ system you also save time, and the hassle of changing from one towed item to another.

Agri-Fab 45-0473 SmartLINK™ Master Platform

The Agri-Fab Master Platform is made from durable heavy-gauge steel, and has a welded draw bar for superior robustness. It features pneumatic tyres to help cope with more uneven ground; and the platform-style design allows for additional weights to be added when dethatching or aerating, should conditions require.

Agri-Fab 45-0474 SmartLINK™ 105cm Core Aerator

If you’re looking to create a lush green lawn, then you’ll want the Agri-Fab Core Aerator! This must-have lawn care attachment will penetrate deeply into the turf, allowing water to reach the roots, thereby encouraging vigorous growth of the plant downwards into the soil, rather than horizontally, as can happen with surface aeration. With a working width of 105cm, the Agri-Fab 45-0474 SmartLINK™ Core Aerator will enable you to tackle even the largest areas with speed and efficiency.

Agri-Fab 45-0457 SmartLINK™ 105cm Tine Dethatcher

Allowing thatch and moss to build-up on your lawn will choke-off the supply of water and nutrients needed for the grass to grow healthily. A lush, green lawn can quickly take on a dead, matted appearance, so you need to keep on top of these unwelcome elements. Luckily, with the Agri-Fab SmartLINK™ System this task is made easy. Simply insert the SmartLINK Tine Dethatcher into the Master Platform unit and away you go! The extra-wide 105cm working width enables you to complete the task in no time at all; the 20 heat-treated spring tines offer durability and ensure moss is gently – but effectively – removed.

Agri-Fab SmartLINK™45-0458 103cm Curved-Blade Aerator

The patented ‘Turf Shark’ design on this curved-blade aerator combines the best features of plug and spike type aeration tools. Like a plug aerator, this attachment offers deep penetration, enabling water and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass, but doesn’t leave messy piles of soil-plugs on the lawn. The SmartLINK™ Curved-Blade Aerator employs ten rows of cutter discs, each with five prongs. It has a working width of 103cm for a speedy work rate, and it’s made from rustproof galvanised steel for hardwearing robustness. As with all SmartLINK™ accessories, it can be attached to the Master Platform in seconds without tools, and used with any make of ride-on tractor mower.

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