Masport, based in New Zealand, has been a prominent name in the garden equipment industry since its establishment in 1910. With over a century of experience, Masport has built a reputation for producing high-quality, durable, and user-friendly garden machinery. The company’s extensive product range includes petrol, electric, and battery lawn mowers, garden tillers, cultivators, log splitters, chipper shredders, and outdoor living products like BBQs. Masport’s lawn mowers are particularly renowned for their efficiency and power, catering to both small residential lawns and large estates.

Masport’s success is driven by continuous technological innovation and a commitment to excellence. The company integrates advanced features into its products, such as ergonomic designs, eco-friendly engines, and durable construction. Their equipment is designed for user comfort and ease of use, with adjustable handles, easy-start engines, and anti-vibration systems. Masport also emphasizes sustainability, producing fuel-efficient engines that meet strict environmental standards. This dedication to innovation and quality has established Masport as a trusted brand in markets across New Zealand, Australia, the UK, and beyond.

In addition to product excellence, Masport offers exceptional customer support, including comprehensive after-sales services like maintenance, repairs, and spare parts availability. Their commitment to sustainability extends to their manufacturing processes, focusing on reducing environmental impact. Masport’s reliable and high-performing garden machinery, combined with their strong customer support and sustainable practices, makes them a leading choice for gardeners and landscapers worldwide. Whether for powerful lawn mowers or versatile outdoor living products, Masport continues to set the standard in the garden equipment industry.

Best Selling Masport Categories

Masport Rotarola RR 18

Masport Petrol Lawnmowers

Powerful and solidly-built four-wheeled and rear-roller rotary mowers from New Zealand’s biggest garden-machinery brand!

Masport Olympic 500

Masport Cylinder Mowers

If the idea of an extra-close-cut finish and a smart lawn-stripe appeals, take a look at these classic cylinder-mowers from Masport!

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